Allie Evans

5 Reasons Why I'm Totally Obsessed With You Guys

  • I was up till 2am last night trying to learn how to use tumblr...My conclusion:I still don't understand it at all! But you guys seem to LOVE it & I LOVE you guys! So I have embarked down the rabbit hole that is tumblr. I'm making a tumblr because unlike most online personalities for the most part I don't share any of personal life on camera. Everything you guys know about me you have learned through your very clever detective work. We all know I'm a huge fan of cryptic messages, sub-tweets, and secretly meaningful instagrams. In the next few months I'm will be launching my first scripted short series. Not only am I excited for you guys to finally see me act, but the series is loaded with cryptic messages that I can't wait for you to solve! In the meantime here are 5 reasons why I'm totally obsessed with YOU!
  • 1. You guys are hilarious! Just last night I tweeted a photo of my spirit animal "the goat". You sent back a sea of adorable goat videos and photos. Only our FamALLIE understands the obsession that is the goat.
  • 2. You support me no matter what! I'm not perfect and you guys accept that. Despite my thousands of spelling errors on twitter, my sometimes weird videos, and my confusion when it comes to all internet slang; including but not limited to BAE.
  • 3. You guys give the BEST hugs! But really I force you guys to hug me even when you don't want to cause your hugs are the best!
  • 4. You put together the cutest Instgrams. It's no secret that If you guys comment on my instagrams I often can be found stalking yours and leaving comments back. Each night before I go to bed I look for people who put together cute edits or even just leave nice comments. I then proceed to do what any normal person would do...STALK THEM & leave comments on their photos.
  • 5. You are completely selfless. You guys have made some of my wildest dreams come true and you continue to support me, never asking for anything in return. I hope I can some how make it up to you guys, even though I know thats impossible.
  • Love, Allie